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This was the Startup Day of Porsche Accelerator by Conector.


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In the event, 11 projects of entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal were presented with products oriented to different sectors such as retail, Internet of Things, Smart Mobility and lifestyle, but all of them with brand values like those of Porsche. The jury of the Startup Day of Porsche Accelerator was formed by members of the board of Porsche Ibérica: Tomás Villén, CEO; Benjamin Bartsch, Mission E & Strategy 2025, Petra Teuschl, Customer Relationship Management and José Antonio Ruiz, Head of Press and Public Relations Department, all mentors of the program. On this occasion there was also representation of Porsche Digital and Porsche AG in the jury by Patrick Huke, Partnering & Venturing of Porsche Digital and Christoph Schuller, Regional Sales Manager in Porsche AG. The board members Carlos Blanco, Sixto Arias, Elisabeth Martínez, Ismael El-Qudsi and our Programs Director Quino Fernández were present at Connector’s side.

Some of our mentors such as Maribel de la Vega, Christian Bubbenheim, Elia Méndez, Miguel Fernández and José Luis Vega de Seoane were also present and did not lose any detail of the pitch of the entrepreneurs.

The CEO of Porsche Ibérica, Tomás Villén, oversaw the opening of the event with an encouraging speech for the startups, reminding them that Porsche started in a garage: "Realize your ideas, your dreams, because although we can only support some of you, all of you who are here are already winners", he said encouraging them.

The entrepreneurs faced the great challenge of presenting their project in just 7 minutes in front of the Porsche’s board. "It would take 7 days, not 7 minutes to explain all this" said Daniel Abad, CEO of Neurafy.

Startup Day summary.

These are the startups that presented:

  • Genoxage by Genocosmetics, a startup that offers personalized beauty products based on genetic information.
  • Ubiwhere, a Portuguese startup with a Smart Cities, Telecommunications and IoT project.
  • HomyHub, the finalist of the last Open Pitch Night, who once again presented his intelligent solution for garages.
  • Waybizz, a social network for senior managers and executives.
  • Wowego, a fitness app with personalized plans and virtual classes.
  • Place to plug, collaborative platform for the electric vehicle charging ecosystem that integrates payments through Blockchain.
  • Neurafy, a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create and manage virtual assistants.
  • GarageScanner, a smart parking platform.
  • Mov.e, with their blockchain Project for energy billing.
  • MaccoRobotics, who has developed a software for any robot.

On this occasion, the finalists who will enter the Porsche Accelerator were not notified as, after the count of the votes, the internal committee of Porsche and Conector will take the final decision. Between 5 and 8 startups will be selected to enter the program that will start at the beginning of March. The acceleration will take place in one of the coworking spaces of ImpactHub Madrid, although entrepreneurs who are outside the capital will be able to participate in a virtual way.

As usual, the evening ended with a networking cocktail in which the entrepreneurs could talk to the jury and answer their questions.

José Antonio Ruiz, Tomás Villén, , , Iván Burgos, Patrick Huke

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