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Open Pitch Night.

Yesterday started the first corporate acceleration program of Porsche celebrated in style with the Open Pitch Night at the Carlos María de Castro Palace in Madrid, where the brand of luxury cars has a pop up store until December 30. 9 startups presented their pitches at this event where the prize was a fast track to the Startup Day without going through the normal process.

The jury, on this occasion, was formed by Ignacio Carrasco, Marketing Director of Porsche Ibérica; Benjamin Bartsch, owner of the project and in charge of Mission E & Strategy 2025 at Porsche Ibérica; Iván Burgos, Connected Car Manager at Porsche Ibérica; José Antonio Ruiz, Head of Press and Public Relations Department at Porsche Ibérica; Elena Arrieta, journalist of digital economy of the newspaper Expansión, Marcos Alba of Samaipata Ventures, Elena García of BStartup and Quino Fernández, Sixto Arias and Ismael ElQudsi from Conector Accelerator.

Sixto Arias, mentor and partner of Conector Madrid, oversaw the opening of the pitches session, thanking the efforts of the startups for having attended the event and preparing their pitches in record time. Benjamin Bartsch also intervened on behalf of the company and gave way to presentations.

The first to present was the CEO of Visualeo, Pedro Martín, with its collaborative platform that allows to combine experience and knowledge with the need to have accurate data on all types of properties. Second, he presented MaccoRobotics, an engineering company specialized in the development of creative humanoid robots. The CEO of this project, Víctor Martín, said that they are not only looking for an investor but also a consultant to accompany them and grow with them, which is why they want to participate in Porsche Accelerator by Conector. The next to present was HelP Flash, the light to save lives, a startup that has created an immediate signal light for vehicles in case of accidents or breakdowns that represents the replacement of the reflecting triangle.

Andrés Muñoz, CEO of Gas Biker, ho from a bad personal experience came up with his project with the aim of improving the safety of motorists on the road had also the opportunity to present. Next turn was for the Galician startup Onirix, an augmented reality platform belonging to the company Neosentec; and Witrac, who presented its technology solutions startup for the 4.0 industry, using car tracking. Its CEO, Javier Ferrer, explained that his motivation to enter Porsche Accelerator by Conector is the need for continuous learning to cope with the rapid growth his project is having. He has also stated that with his product they can help brands like Porsche “to sell more by improving the experience at the point of sale.

The next two startups to present were: Waybizz, an exclusive access platform for business leaders from all Spanish-speaking countries, USA and Brazil, which connects its members with other members for business interests and real opportunites reales; Riverkids a gadget that gives a solution to the lack of space in cars with the anchoring of baby seats. “Everything started because my mother-in-law did not fit in the back seat of the car with my children's chairs and in the end, we managed to democratize security by creating a technology to optimize the space and the safety of the car seat”, explained its CEO, José Lagunar. Rivekids sees this acceleration as an opportunity to grow quickly and achieve an indirect prescription.

The Open Pitch Night of Porsche Accelerator by Conector ended with the presentation of HomyHub, which was also the startup chosen by the jury as the winner of the pitch. Enzo Zamora, CEO of the project presented his mobile application of remote control for garage doors without the need for physical remote controls. HomyHub obtains a direct pass to be one of the startups selected for the Startup Competiton of the acceleration without having to go through any committee. The rest of the startups will continue in the process and the committee will decide if they become part of the StartUp Day on February 6th.

Both Porsche management team and Conector team were very satisfied with the Open Pitch Night and the hashtag #PorscheAccelerator was a trending topic in Barcelona.

The next appointment will be on February 6th at the StartUp Day!

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